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Today we are decided to share something very essential for every one of us. That is sleeping. We know that everyone needs enough rest or sleep at least 8 hours a day which plays a significant role in our healthy body. Sleeping help to make us feel refresh. Sleep has an important role to balance our physical and mental health. But sometimes we don’t get enough sleep; there are many reasons behind it. But it is necessary. So in this new page we are discussing about the importance of sleeping as well as some simple ways to get sleep. 
The night when we don’t get enough sleep that will definitely badly affect your tomorrow. We may feel slow and not energetic when we get enough sleep. The fact is that we never bothered about our sleep. It is a big misunderstanding. In our busy day our body needs enough rest for being energetic in the next day. The reason behind our lack of sleep may be our stress, anxiety, and our health problems. If we get enough sleep for one single night never affect our body very badly. It is adjustable. But if it becomes a habit it caused for several serious health issues. But only remember that, one day’s lack of sleep affect our brain’s ability to consolidate memories and concepts learned in that whole day. 
Sleep is one of the things that make our body strong. Sleep improve our mood, our thinking and also good for our memory. It also helps to reduce our stress and blood pressure. Sleep has an important role in boost our immune system.  An adult should need to sleep seven to nine hours every night.  For a teenager need 8 to 10 hours of sleeping for their health.  Sleep is necessary for our mind’s ability to create and consolidate memories. But lack of sleep badly affects our creativity and our problem solving skill.  Lack of sleep is also affecting our work performance. We never feel comfortable with our sleepless night and always feel irritated. Because sleep has plays an important role in our mood and feeling regulation. Lack of sleep is also break down collagen in our skin which may lead to looking prematurely aged. It is also caused for many serious health issues, like high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.  So we need to give enough rest to our body and make sure that we get enough sleep every day. During our sleep our body balance or regulates vital systems affecting respiration.  Sleep is much needed thing for our brain. 
Disorder or disruption in sleeping badly affects our body many ways. For our children it may caused for a permanent changes to his brain. Problems with attention, emotional controls etc are the common problems. Lack of sleep may caused for moodiness, depression and also binge eating.  The recommended hours of sleep is considered as 12 or more hours for the 6 month to 2 years old babes. And 3 to 4 year child required 11 or long hour sleep and 5 to 7 year old child requires 10 hours sleep. It is also good for improving their memory. Experts agrees that lack of sleep increase the amount of proteins related to Alzheimer’s, it also badly affect men’s reproductive system and hormone levels.  It also affects our mental capacity. Caused for depression, nervousness and tension etc., when we doesn’t get enough sleep for more days caused for hypothyroidism.  If we facing lack of sleep increase our weight. It is also not good for your eye health. Lack of sleep also affects your skin; you look like an old man in your younger age.  We feel weak.  So all these things shows that get some sleep for your skin, diet, immune system and for our brain  
For getting a good enough sleep, firstly you choose the suitable and comfortable mattress for your sleep and try to sleep in total darkness.  Temperature of our room is also importance it may be about 68 to 72 degree temperature. 
Thanks guys for your supports.

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