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Today Troosta is going to discuss about the relevance and the significance of fruits. We know that most of us, especially kids are not interested to eat fruits daily. But have you ever thinks about why everyone asked you to eat fruits every day? Because eating fruits always good for being healthy.  In this page we are decided to discuss about the importance of eating fruits in our life.  By reading this you will understands the relevance of fruits for our body. And start a new habit by eating natural fruits for a better tomorrow.  Eating of much fruits daily is making you become healthier.  In this page we mainly focus on some of the fruits in our world that keeps you very healthy. 
        Eating of cherries will help us to clam our nervous system and also help us to get a good sleep. We know that a good night’s sleep will always make us very fresh and we feel very energetic. And free from tiredness.
      grapes have the ability to decrease blood sugar levels and by doing this grapes make a protection against diabetes.  And also help to relax our blood vessels. 
      this fruits helps us by provide a relief from the diseases like cancer, obesity, cholesterol, blood stasis and neurodegenerative diseases. 
      we know that apples have nutrients and anti oxidants. This helps us to reduce the risk of developing of the diseases like cancer, diabetes and diseases related to hearts. 
Water melon;
     watermelons help to lower inflammations and also help to prevent the macular degeneration. It has rich in its water content. 
        oranges have a rich amount of vitamin C which gives a healthy immunity systems. Eating oranges always help to maintain our skin healthy and also help to maintain our vision perfectly and helps to prevents skin damages. 
         strawberries is a rich fruits which contains vitamins, fiber anti oxidants. All these qualities help to maintain our body healthier.
        bananas is a good source of fiber with in the form of soluble and insoluble. It is easy to digestion. 
pineapples are rich in nutrients. Good for our health. 
blueberries are good for hearts. This fruits have a good amount of fiber, and this qualities help to reduce the cholesterol and by eating blueberries help to decrease the chances of heart related disease. 
kiwi fruits helps to increase our blood counts. And it has a fiber and anti oxidants. Kiwi fruits are helps our digestion. Kiwi is rich with its vitamins and minerals which always help to be healthier.
Mangoes ; 
we know that mangoes are very rich with its vitamins A and vitamin C. Eating of mangoes help to maintain our immunity system healthier and also helps improving our skin, help to maintain our normal vision perfectly. Mangos have anti oxidant too. 
we know that papayas is rich with fiber and water contents, and also the vitamins. All these things prevent constipation and also help to digestive systems. 
avocado is one of the frits which is a source of potassium. This quality of avocado helps our body to reduce blood pressure. And also this fruits contains many vitamins. 
lemon has citric acid which makes its acidic taste. Lemon always helps our digestion become smooth. And drinking plain water with a piece of lime is very healthy.
We hope that all of you realized the importance of eating frites daily , because it will make our digestion smooth and all these fruits have rich in vitamins.
Thank you for reading.


  1. Which fruit is best for whitening
    1. We will update soon, thank you
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