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What are the best foods to be eaten for the health of our lungs? Today we are tried to answer this relevant question. We know that we lives in a highly modern world, at the same time pollution is also increasing such as air pollution which is sometimes caused for lungs diseases. So it is necessary to keep our lungs safe and healthy.  If you decided to eat this following foods will definitely helps you to have a good lungs. Then here we go; 
1. Water; drinking water is the first and most important thing to keep your lungs perfect without any diseases. Because it help to make sure that our lungs gets cleaned. Water also helps to move blood in and out from lungs. It also helps the mucus to do its job properly and also help in pushing toxins out of the lungs. Water is also good for digestion and very necessary for our entire body. 
2. Garlic and onions; many of us are not interested to eat onions or garlic. One of the reasons is that its smell we don’t like it. But it is very healthy food for our lungs and also good for heart. Onions and garlic helps our body to reduce inflammation, protect from infection and also help to reduce the cholesterol levels. It helps to cleansing lungs.  
3. Ginger; ginger have so many benefits it is a natural spices which has anti inflammatory properties. This quality of ginger and onion food helps to eliminating the pollutants from the lungs. So using of ginger is good for lungs healing. Ginger is also helping our lower breathing problems. 
4. Pomegranates; pomegranates are very precious fruit which is help to prevent lung tumors. This fruits have many benefits because it contains antioxidants which help to purify our lungs and also good for heart and nerve.  It is also have the power of toxin removing which makes sure that we have a healthy pair of lungs.
5. Turmeric; turmeric is another food items which also well for our lungs. It has curcumin which helps for self destruction of cancer cells. This is also a natural spice which helps to protects lungs from several diseases. 
6. Apples; apples are very nutritious and healthy fruits which is good for our full body. Apple contains flavonoids. It is also have a rich amount of vitamin E and also have vitamin C.  All of these are very essential for our lungs. Eating an apple daily will keeps you away from a doctor. So make this be practical.  Apples are helping our lungs healing process smoothly by removing the toxins and pollutants. Eating apple on a daily basis is one of the best ways to maintain our lungs healthy. 
7. Nuts; seeds and beans; we can take these food items together. We know that nuts, different types of seeds and beans are rich with its amounts of magnesium and fiber and protein.  The magnesium is necessary for healthy lungs functioning and help to keep our lungs healthier for longer periods. Magnesium also includes fatty acid that contains many nutrients which always keep our lungs very well. Always remember to add these nuts seeds and beans in your daily meals for a better future. 
Hope you like this. Keep supporting us. Thank you.

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  1. Really helpful for health but small one is better
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