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Hi friends, what are the best foods that are good for men’s health? This is going to discuss today by Troosta. Have you ever think seriously about it? We have to think it seriously. Now we can discuss about 10 best foods that help you to be healthy and fit. And this will help you to get a clear idea about best food for you to eat. Here it is; 
1. Eggs; firstly we are going to discuss about the health benefits of eating egg for men. Boiled eggs are very healthy which provide a plentiful supply of vitamin D. Eggs are the best source of vitamin D. scramble egg is also good for men.  Vitamin D has an important role in maintain a normal level of testosterone in his blood.  It is advised to eat one egg every day, but also keep in mind that those people who have trouble with high cholesterol should not eat the yoke.  Because this yoke is not good for their health. 
2. Garlic; including garlic in your food is good for men to be fit.  Garlic is naturally powerful and strong with its anti fungal, anti bacterial properties. It is also an anti aging super food. Garlic helps men to fight off illness and infections. It is good for you to add garlic in any favorite food. 
3. Honey; it is better to use honey other than sugar is good for our health. This is a good substitution. We can add this to our tea, oatmeal, pancakes or other deserts. Honey is rich with anti oxidants. It helps to strengthening our immune system. Anti oxidants in honey also help protect our body with the infections. 
4. Watermelon; eating watermelon is good for maintaining health for men. Water content is high in watermelon. It is best at the time of summer.  Watermelon can improve blood circulation and also good for the entire circulatory system of our body. We can eat watermelon in different ways such as snacks, salads or whip up a sorbet. 
5. Cauliflower; this vegetable is also good for men’s health. If you ready to include a small amount of cauliflower in our daily meals or diets, it can reduce estrogen at the same time it boosting testosterone. 
6. Grapes; eating grapes in every day is always keeps you healthy. And this habit is also help to raise men’s testosterone levels. And by eating grapes it will also increase sperm activity. Grapes are also rich with its nutrients, which can help us to slow down the aging process. 
7. Oysters; oysters are small in size but it contains lots of vitamins and minerals. It is good for our heart and boosts our immune system.  With this use little lemon juice and salt is also best for health. 
8. Meat; eating meat is also good for men’s health.  But eating too much meat is not good. But eating good amount of meat helps you to increase the testosterone levels. But also careful those meats are fresh and organic which comes from a grass fed sources.
9. Beans; food items with beans are very healthy for men; we can include beans in our salad, also added in soups.  This hard but healthy food helps men to sustain their normal testosterone levels. 
10. Tuna; tuna has a rich amount of vitamin D. Eating tuna is good for our heart.
Thank you all for reading and for you supports.

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