Troosta already discuss many tips and foods to being your body healthy. Now Troosta ask you a question what is the importance of maintain your health? What are the benefits of eating healthy? Have you ever noticed it? Eating nutrition is very importance to our body to keep our body health. Health improves our quality of life. Eating healthy food helps to give efficient energy to our body. Eating healthy food can stop many sicknesses like heart sickness and diabetes and some types of cancer. And also eating healthy food helps to reduce physical and mental stress or strain. 
Now we can discuss about the benefits of eating healthy in detail. If you are eating nutritious food it helps to increase our immune system. And it is necessary for getting a strong immune system.  If we are a strong immunity it will reduce the risk of illness like flu, cancer, arthritis, allergies and abnormal cell development in our body. We know that a strong immunity is the first things that prevent many sicknesses affect our body. By eating essential nutrition help our body from infections. So boosting of immunity is always good for health. 
When you have the habits of eating healthy foods it will helps to boost your mood. Have you noticed that healthy food and free from sickness is always reducing our stress.  A healthy food eating habits is essential to regulate our mood. The nutrition in our food help to keep normal brain functions. 
Being healthy is also good for boosting our mental health; we are always feeling fresh and energetic. If we eat enough nutrients it makes a positive impact to our mental health. When our mind feels healthy and fresh without any stress and sickness we feel happy. For this we have to eat lean protein, leafy greens, fatty fish, whole grain and yogurt all these are the best foods to be included in our daily meals. 
Eating healthy foods also helps to enhance our energy. It will definitely boost up our energy levels. By eating healthy fresh food that supplies calories to our body for function normally. If we have energy and a clear mind it will increase our brain power. It will support you to get a balanced nutrition which regulates our brain activity to increase mental power. 
If you started to eat healthy it surly helps you to live long without any diseases.  This has an interconnection with how long we live. For that we have start eating fruits and vegetables regularly. Because these foods are rich with its nutrition and its low calories both are the best for a longer life. 
Always remember that all these are possible only if you are eating the right kind of food. Now we gives some of the healthy foods; broccoli, grapes, salad both vegetable and fruit salads, olives oil berries, beans, grains and seeds, less red meat, fish, bananas organic foods. If we are ready to eat these types of foods regularly, good things will happen to you. You will get a healthy day ahead. 

Thank you for reading.