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  Hey Troosta is now ready to give you some healthy foods we needed to eat for keeping our kidney healthy and help to refresh our kidney.  We also have a clear idea about the importance of kidney even though kidneys are small organ in our body but it is a powerful organ. Every one of us know that it is a bean shaped organs which doing the functions of filtering waste products, releasing hormones which regulate blood pressure. Kidney is also balancing fluids in our body. Kidney is the organs which produce urine. In our modern society there are many possibilities for the damages of this powerful organ. 
Some people have live with kidney disease for them one of the important things is that diet and nutrition foods which play an essential part of reducing its complications.  The necessary of diet is help to maintain the levels of electrolytes, minerals and the fluid in our body balanced for the kidney patients. Here we discuss about the foods that is good for the health of kidney. 

Water: drinking water is the best cure for maintaining our kidney very healthy. If you drink many glass of water in every day will always reduce the risk of any diseases related to kidney. 
Blueberries: we already discussed about the importance of blue berries which contains a lots of nutrients and antioxidants. If you include blueberries in your diet it is good for kidney. Because in blueberries have low sodium, phosphorus and potassium. 
Strawberries: strawberry is protect our heart or good for our heart. We can also add strawberries in our salads. This is a good healthy food. 
Bell pepper: including red bell pepper in our diet or meals are good for our kidney. It is low in potassium. It has a high amount of antioxidant lycopene which also protect our body from cancer. 
Garlic: garlic is also good for kidney and reduce renal reperfusion injury. Liquid of garlic is healthier and it helps to prevent renal reperfusion induced damages. 
Egg white: eating egg white is good for the people who undergoing dialysis treatment. Because eggs has contains lots of protein.
Turmeric: this is another best food which help to keep our kidneys healthy. In turmeric powder or fluid extracts are healthy. 
Cranberries: eating cranberries or drinking cranberries juice is the best cure for urinary tract infections. Cranberries are a natural antibiotic which have the ability to prevent bacterial growth in our digestive tract and also kidney’s. 
Lemon juice: naturally we can create lemon juice at our home which is always used to treat some problems related to our kidney. It is a good source of vitamin C and citric acid. Lemon juice helps maintain the internal pH level and good for better immunity.
Cherries: it is a good fruit with a rich amount of anti oxidants and phytochemicals. Eating cherries are good for our heart and kidneys. We recommend you to eat cherries daily which help you to reducing the inflammation in our body mainly in the kidneys.
Figs: this fruit contains rich amount of potassium and it has low amount of sodium. Due to this figs are good fruit to defense against hypertension. 
Onions: onions are the rich source of prostaglandin which have the ability to reduce high blood pressure and also reduce the progression of kidney diseases. 
Thank you for reading.

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