Hello friends we are already give some of the best foods for your health. So today we are going talks about some of the health benefits of barefoot walking.  In ancient periods our forefathers used to walk in bare foots. With the developments of technology we all are practiced to wear footwear for more safety. But we are also lost the health benefits of walking barefoot. Many of us think that walking without shoes or footwear is unhygienic and not good for our health. We use footwear to protect our feet from cold and harmful objects, but we fail to receive the energy from our earth. This lack of energy negatively affects the balance of each part of our body.  But on the other hand walking barefoot on the earth has many health benefits. Here we discuss about the health benefit of earthing. Sometimes we feel very hard to walk on earth with bare footed legs but later we feel comfortable. Walking on the earth with a barefoot is known as earthing.
Barefoot walking never caused for the illness like cold and flu at the same time it is recommended by doctors too. Many experts agree that walking without shoes are helps to keep the balance. Are you ever noticed that the babies are taking their first steps with their barefoot it is important.  From this we can realize that walking barefoot is the fundamental step to the development of feet. This will tolerates our child to sharpen their sense of touch, the sensations of temperature of earth and textures etc. Through this a child is grown up with a close relationship with our nature. 
Sometimes we are undergoing with mycosis or suffer from fungus on our nails but being barefooted is a natural thing to reduce them.  When we walk on stones without shoes the acupressure points of our feet are stimulated and feel very satisfactory. This is because the nerve endings on our foot are intertwined to several organs of our body. This improves our body tonus. This walking also improves our balance stability and also helps to improve our speed. For old age people regular walks with barefoot helps reduce blood pressure level. In the beginning absolutely we feel some difficulties but if we follow regularly it will give you an amazing result. Slowly our feet become very stronger and flexible. Barefoot walking reduces the inflammation and chronic pain. It also helps to improve our sleep. Also good for reduce our stress and give better energy levels.
It is also good for the increasing smooth flow of our blood properly to our legs. It is also helpful for stimulate the balancing system of our brain. It is good for elderly persons. Barefoot walking also reduces problems related to our foot. Because we have many wrong types of shoes like high heel shoes these are sometimes caused for foot problems. Barefoot walking reduces these types of difficulties.  In America physicians agrees that walking barefoot would improves memory, attention, concentration and intelligence of kids. Barefoot or grounding help you to reduce our weight, for this we have to walk about 5 minutes daily with barefoot. It is also increase the immune system.  And help to heal our wounds quickly. And never face any sleep troubles. Increase our energy.  No more chronic pain is another advantage.
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