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Hi This Is Troosta, We Are Really Excited To Share Something Healthy And Nutritious Tips For You. These Tips Are Very Useful, Valuable And Good For You. So You Are Going To Love This Information. By Following These Simple Tips You Will Definitely Get A Healthy Body.

Eats Everything You See.
If You Need To Eat Fruits Or Fresh Veggies Keeps These Things Where You Will Clearly Notice, Like In Your Bags Or At Dining Table. Because Whenever We Happen To See These We Have A Tendency To Eat It Or Cooking It. We Can Also Replace The Chips By Eating Nuts And Dry Fruits. Drinking Plain Water Is The Best Way To Became Healthy. We Can Add A Slice Of Lime And Keep It Near To You When You Are Working. 

Keep Vegetables Fresher For Longer Period. 
The Vegetables Like Carrots And Salary Are More Likely Veggies But We Feel That When We Keeps These On Fridge It Loose Its Crunchiness. To Avoid This There Is A Tip For You. Cut The Veggies Into Long Pieces And Put It Into A Glass Contain Full Of Water. By Doing These Vegetable Never Lose Its Crunchiness And Stay Crisply For A Long Period. Just Keep In Mind That, Change The Water Every Couple Of Days. And Its Nutritious Energy Never Lost.

Eat Seeds Every Day
Seeds Are Very Healthy For Our Body. It Contains Lots Of Anti Oxidants. Eat Different Types Of Seeds With Peanuts Butter, Like Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds Etc. You Can Add All Types Of Seeds And Mixture It With Peanut Butter And Eat It With Bread. It Is Very Healthy And Nutritious. We Can Use These Mixtures Of Seeds In Your Deserts As A Garnishing Element. 

The Mystery Ingredients.
When You Prepare Smoothie, Someone May Not Like Banana In It, So We Can Use Of Zucchini Instead Of Banana. Because   Zucchini Have The Same Taste Of Bananas In The Smoothie We Cannot Identify The Differences. Both Are Very Healthy For Us. In Smoothie We Can Also Use White Beans, Beans Is A Rich Source Of Protein, Fiber, Vitamins And Anti Oxidants.  Including These Nutritious Things In Fruit Smoothie, The Drink Is Become Very Rich And Healthy. 

Eat Anti Oxidants 
We Know That An Apple Contains 60 Units Of Anti Oxidants At The Same Time A Cup Of Berries Have 650 Units Of Anti Oxidants. Use Of Berries In Your Daily Meals Or Snacks It Will Keep You Healthy. Berries Like Blue Berry, Black Berry, Mulberry And Strawberry Are Also Available In Frozen Which Are Also Healthy. 

Use Spices 
Herbs And Spices Have A Rich Amount Of Anti Oxidants. Herbs Can Be Made To Frozen Cubs By Freezing It In The Refrigerator. And Use These Cubes In Our Cooking. We Can Reduce The Food Wastage. 

Planning Of Meals
Planning Of Meals For Every Day Is A Good Idea. When We Are Planned To Create Variety Of Healthy Foods Will Help To Maintain Our Health Perfectly. Make Snacks, Simply By Using Nutritious Food Items Like Dates And Fresh Veggies At Your Home. Make Some New Contributions In Cooking In Holidays Make Cooking And Eating A Good Experience And Cooking At Home Will Always Make You Healthier.

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