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Troosta decided to provide some of the useful tips for you to make your plate healthy. Many of us have the desire to eat healthy homemade meals, and we cooked for it. But most of the time we have no idea about how to create a healthy plate. Many times our plates filled with many food items but none of them are not healthy food for us. The main reason is that we have no clear idea about how to create a healthy plate and lack of knowledge about the plate methods or how to fulfill our plate with healthy food which is necessary for our fitness. So here we provide some valuable information to change this situation. We are offering some simple and practical tips, by following this changes you will get a better future with a strong healthy body for you and your family. These tips are suitable for everyone including people with diabetes. 
For first we can discuss about the healthy plates. What it is mean by a healthy plate? Have any idea?  A healthy plate is the way to control our serving sizes. So first of all we have a clear idea about the suitable plate size for you. For a child use a 7 inch size plate. And for an adult the suitable size of the plate is 9 inch. Now we can discuss about the types and quantity of serving food in the plate. First we can divide the plates into two equal parts. Take one side and fill that part with vegetable, they may be two types’ veggies. One is like starchy include potatoes, corn, peas etc and the other one is non starchy food items this includes, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots or vegetable salads. Some of us have diabetes so for them fill that half side with non starchy veggies, because it is good for them. 
Now we can divide the other half part of the plate into two equal portions that is two ¼ area. Fill this one part with whole grains or starches. Starches include the foods include brown rice, corn, beans, or wheat pasta. The remaining ¼ area we can include some lean protein rich foods like, tofu, grilled fish or chicken. And we can also add a tortilla or bread is also good for us. Now some of us feel these are not possible or it is difficult to accept these changes. But once you decided to follow these tips you will get a good health. And now we can discuss about our drinks. We can add an unsweetened coffee or tea or glass milk.  But when you choose milk for drinking remembers that 8 ounce of milk affects our blood sugar.  At the same time for drinking choose water with a piece of lemon. This is the best to drink. Always think that how create a plate is completely up to you. Because there are many more options are applicable. But whatever you decided to choose make sure that is best for your health.  And one of the other confusing thing is that how can use this plating technique to make vegetable beef soup.  Because this types of foods are healthier. Just follow this same idea. Fill the cooking pot with low sodium broth and many healthy veggies like corn, zucchini, cabbage and onions etc. with this add some, only small quantity of lean beef. Make sure that lean beef is not too much.  And follow the above mentioned way to serve like putting a quarter portion of the plate for each person. With this it is good for adding bread on the side. 
We sure that this information will definitely help you  to become healthier and help you to reduce some confusions about plating methods. Thank you for reading. Have a better future.

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