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                        Hi friends we are discussing about the top 11 best healthiest vegetables for keep our body very strong and fit.  We know that vegetables are the best food for our body and digestion but most of us are not interested to eat vegetables daily. In this new page we are discuss about the importance of eating veggies and what are the benefits of vegetable for our health.
Artichokes; artichokes are very healthy food with its fiber vitamin minerals and anti oxidant contents.  Fat content is also low.  Artichokes are a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin K. These vitamins are important for our body to supply minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and iron.
Asparagus; asparagus is also very healthy for us. It is a spring vegetable which contains several vitamins. It is suitable for any diet. Asparagus is a vegetable which is rich with vitamin K. asparagus have the ability to protect the diseases and have the abilities to prevent neural tube birth defects during the period of pregnancy. Also support the metabolic function of liver and protect against toxicity.
Alfalfa sprouts; this vegetable has a good amount of vitamin K. This help for maintaining our health. It treats the health conditions such as arthritis and problems related to kidneys. Anti oxidants in alfalfa has the ability to reduce inflammation in our body. Eating of sprouted seeds also increase protein and amino acid content.  This will also improve the digestibility of seeds and increase dietary fiber contents. 
Brussels sprouts; this veggie is low in calories but at the same time rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Anti oxidants help detoxify cancer causing free radicals. It also have a rich amount of vitamin K. Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting and bone health. It also has vitamin C and anti oxidants to promote iron absorption and also engaged in tissue repair and immune functions well. It also has small amounts of potassium, iron, phosphorus etc.
Broccoli; all of us know that broccoli is a healthy food which is good for our fitness body. It is rich with vitamin K and vitamin C. Broccoli reduces the risk of breast cancer cells and block tumor growth.
Beets; beets are good for our hearts. It has a rich amount of potassium. It is suitable for diabetes patients it contains alpha lipoic acid, an anti oxidants which is help for the diseases related to diabetes related nerve problems.
Carrots; carrots is the best source vegetable which contains lots of vitamin A in the form of beta carotene. It is helpful for our normal vision. And also reduce the risk of developing cancer. It has the ability to kill the growth of leukemia cells in our body. 
Ginger; every one of us already has a clear idea about the benefits of ginger. This veggie used as a natural medication for motion sickness or some digestion issues. It also helps to reduce blood sugar. And it contains anti inflammatory properties.
Spinach; it is a leafy green vegetable which has a good amount of calcium, vitamins, iron anti oxidants and vitamin K. All these things are very essential for our body.
Kale; kale is also a green leafy vegetable which has contains lots of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. It helps to reduce blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
Peas; this is a sweet and starchy vegetables which have a high amount of fiber, protein, vitamins etc. green peas are a good source of protein.
Thank you for reading have a nice day.

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