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            Hi today Troosta is going to discuss about the importance of vitamin A in our day to day life. In this new page we are discussing about the importance of vitamin A in our body, what are the advantages of vitamin A in our body and the sources of vitamin A.
What is the importance of vitamin A?           
                     This is a fat soluble vitamin. It is also known as retinol, which is its chemical name. We can divide the sources of vitamin A foods into two different types; they are known as retinol and carotenes. Retinol can be found in the animal based food items and carotenes can be found in the plant based foods. Now we can talks about the importance of vitamin A in our body. Vitamin A plays a significant role in our growth of bones. This vitamin protects our body from infections.  Like fungal or virus or bacterial infections. And it is very important for our normal vision, development, also it is necessary for reproduction, bone maintenance and for immune functions.  The lack of vitamin A caused for blindness or some disorders of our vision, like night blindness, dry eyes, and nutritional blindness. The deficiency of vitamin A also affects the reproductive functions. We can prevent these situations by the regular eating of fresh carrots and vegetables. And at the same time the excess quantity of vitamin A caused for headaches, nausea, dry and cracked skin. It also caused for liver diseases.  It is recommended to eat 700mcg of vitamin A for women and 900 micrograms for men per day. And always careful that there is a limitation of the value of vitamin a in our body, never exceed 3000mcg of vitamin A in each day.  And at the time of pregnancy eating more than1000 IU of vitamin A is not advisable. An IU or international units of retinol is equal to 0.3 microgram and 1IU of carotenes is equal to 0.6 microgram.  Our body needs vitamin A to keep our eyes and bones etc being strong and healthy and keep our skin, lungs and immunity healthily.
Vitamin A, sources
            Meat and dairy products are the food which contains Vitamin A, these are known as retinol. And yellow color fruits or in orange fruit also contains vitamin A. In the case of veggies, in green leafy vegetables contains vitamin A. This type of food which contains vitamin A is known as carotenes.  Both these are not absorbed the same way; there is a difference in it.
             Firstly we are discuss about the food from animal origin which contains vitamin A. They are fish oil, turkey liver, beef liver, whole milk, egg, butter, fish, meat etc. beef liver have rich source of vitamin A. Eating beef liver is very healthy and it maintain the health of our eyes and also help us by reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s illness. 100 grams of liver consists 1.049% of the daily advisable value of vitamin A. Cod liver oil, one teaspoon of cod liver oils contains 150% of vitamin A. In eggs mainly in the yolk gives 17% of the daily value of vitamin A. In butter one table spoon have 11% of our daily value of vitamin A.
            And in the foods from plants which contains vitamin A are; sweet potato , butternut squash, carrots, kale, cantaloupe, dried apricots, red bell pepper, paprika, spinach, papaya, peas, mangoes, tomatoes, peaches, dried basil, etc. Within these foods items vitamin A is not in the active form, our body converts beta carotene into vitamin A. A mango contains 20% of the each day value of vitamin A. Cooked kale one cup of cooked kale contains 98% of each day value of vitamin A and one cup of  pumpkin have 62% of vitamin A. One cup of collards has 80% of vitamin A.
            Hope that this page help you to know about the importance of vitamin A. Thank you for reading.

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