Hi guys, this is troosta, in this new page we are going to give you some tips that keeps you very healthy.  All of us are aware of the importance of healthy food. But we are not interested to eat it, because it is not much tasty or attractive. Especially our children, when they see healthy foods like vegetables, fruits etc., on our dining table they are not happy and not interested to eat it.  Even though everyone doesn’t like to eat healthy food because they feel that it is very hard to eat healthy food always. We are attracted by the taste of junk foods mainly by the taste of it. But we should careful that all taste is not good for our health. The reason is that in junk foods, many chemicals are added to increase its taste. So here we gives you some tips that’s makes these healthy food tasty and attractive. Means we gives some tips to reduce these hardness of eating healthy food always, by doing some changes in the way you cook makes it looks attractive and tasty . By following these tips you are ready to eat healthy food.
The following changes may help you to make your food or meals healthy;
1. Use olive oil or canola. They are healthy for our body. Our family never realizes the difference. Olive oil has a source of rich antioxidants it protect our body from cellular injure. Olive oil comes from olive tree. It is also used as a medicine. It also included as a part of our diet. Canola is also a vegetable oil. It is used for diet. 
2. Instead of frying, like meats and fish, grill it. Grilling is more suitable and easy to cook. It looks different and healthy for us. The quantity of oil is comparatively low. We can grill different types of veggies. It also makes our dish colourful and attractive.
3. Cut down salt and sodium. Means reduce the use of it, instead of sodium use tasty, flavored herbs, like oregano, cilantro, pepper, lemon juice or cumin. 
4. Use fiber rich food items. Like wheat, wheat tortillas and brown rice instead of food made with white flour.
5. Avoid packet snacks or junk foods. This is the most important change that you must do for your good health. When we are watching television avoid eating packed snakes and replace it with healthy tasty homemade snacks, which is better and tasty. Like home made popcorn cooked with olive oil and make vegetable salad and fruit salad at home with fresh quality vegetable and fruits. 
6. Last but not least, avoid soft drinks; soft drinks are not healthy for us, like soda, sports drinks even fresh juice has much sugar and other chemicals contents. We have to serve pure water to our family to drink. And also add a piece of lemon in it. It is healthy. Drinking water always makes you free from diseases. Water and plain milk is the best drink for our good health. 
By doing these small changes in your meals and snacks we and our family surly started to eat healthy foods and became very healthy.


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