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Kunjali Marakkar Full Movie Review, Marakkar; Arabi Kadalinte Simham

We know Marakkar : Arabi Kadalinte Simham is a big budget movie that entered into the 100 Crore club before its release through reservation tickets. This movie released in more than three thousand theaters world wide with in five languages. Release of this movie is delayed because of pandemic and after two years today it released all over the world. All Indians are eagerly waited  for this epic movie especially Mohanlal fans. And the trailer is amazing too and it created more anxiety towards this film. As a historical movie it gives 100% but for some may feel this film doesn't rise to their expectations and it causes some Disappointments. Due to over promotions people expect more and they felt some disappointment.  Otherwise it is good movie which created a new history in Malayalam film industry by the technique used to make this film. 
Kunjali Marakkar Full Movie Review



Rahul Raj

Original Score

Ronnie Raphael

Music By

Lyell Evans Roeder

Original Score

Ankit Suri

Original Score

Kunjali Marakkar Full Movie Rating

RELEASE DATE : 2/12/2021


Marakkar arabi kadalinte simham is a Malayalam movie directed by Priyadarshan.  It is a historical movie which is set in the 16th century and it is based on the life of  Kunjali Marakkar IV, Kunjali Marakkar is a name given to the admirals by the zamorins of calicut. Kunjalimarakkar IV was the great admiral or captain of zamorin who fought against Portuguese. And he was hero with amazing talents. 

Marakkar : arabi kadalinte simham is a big budget movie produced by Antony perumbavoor with Aashirvad cinemas and Roy  C. J,  Santhosh T kuruvilla confident group are the CO producers. Mohanlal acted the title role of kunjali marakkar and one of the main specialty of this movie is that many famous actors including manju warrior,  Suniel shetty,  Prabhu,  Ashok,  Mukesh,  keerthi suresh,  Nedumudi venu,  arjun sarja,  siddique and many other actors acted in this movie.  Screenplay is done by Priyadarshan and Ani.  Cinematography is also good and it is done by Thiru.  This epic movie is edited by M S Ayyappan nair. 

Kunjalimarakkar Arabi Kadalinte Simham has Amazing frame, shots, colouring, visual effects quality are good.   Acting wise all actors acted very well and visual effects are incredible.  Music of this movies are also good.  First half of the movie is good and second half is less and have some lag. Pranav Mohanlal shows good acting skills in the first half as young kunjali marakkar.  Overall this film is a good historical movie to watch. 


Mohanlal               : Kunjali Marakkar Iv
Suniel Shetty         : Chandroth Panicker
Arjun Sarja            : Anandan
Manju Warrier       : Subaida
Nedumudi Venu     : Samoothiri
Pranav Mohanlal   : Kunjali Marakkar Iv (Young)
Keerthy Suresh      : Aarcha
Kalyani Priyadarshan : Aisha
Ashok Selvan         : Achuthan
Siddique                 : Pattu Marakkar
Max Cavenham      : Commander André Furtado De Mendonça
Jay J. Jakkrit          : Chiang Juvan
Mukesh                  : Dharmoth Panicker
Prabhu                    : Thangudu
Paul Huntley-Thomas : Alphonso De Noronha
Fazil                        : Kutti Ali Marakkar
Suhasini                  : Khadeejumma
Toby Sauerback      : Viceroy Francisco De Gama

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