What Happens If You Eat Too Much Salt?


We know that today everyone of us is tempted to eat processed, canned foods and freezer meals but we never noticed that all these foods contain too much salt. Without giving further importance to it we still eat these types of food every day. Over conception of salt is harmful for our entire health. Meanwhile salt is an essential flavoring agent and it is an important mineral vital for our body. But the high quantity of salt is not good for our health. Always trying to balance sodium levels or normal levels is always good for our body. At the same time we know that sodium is necessary for nerve health and a healthy blood pressure. Small amounts of salt in daily meals are necessary to remain healthy. But what happens

if you eat too much salt? Here in this article Troosta is going to clear your doubt about this query. The followings are the major problems;

1. Kidney disease
2. High blood pressure
3. Stroke and Heart disease
4. Brain Issues
5. Cancer
6. Osteoporosis

Now we can discuss details about one by one


If we eat too much sodium in our meals our body needs or holds extra water. Because by holding on to water our body is trying to balance the salt ratio. During this time our kidneys have to work harder to filter out all the overload of water in our body. This makes some hard strain on the kidneys and these lead to kidney disease. High amounts of salt eating has been shown to raise the quantity of protein in the urine. It is caused by the decline of kidney function.


We said that more salt in our food shows the kidney keeps more water in our body. Blood and oxygen flow to key organs decreases. So our heart tries harder to pump blood to our body. It causes high blood pressure. Many studies have proven that 4.6 grams reduction in salt content naturally lowers blood pressure. So always keep in mind to reduce the consumption of too much salt.


Eating too much salt is increasing the chances of heart disease and the possibility of stroke. We know that the unnecessary sodium is closely connected to high blood pressure. High levels of sodium in our body may damage our blood vessels lining over time, as a result of this it creates blood clots and this may cause strokes or heart attacks.


When we consume huge quantities of sodium it may cause a change in the brain. When Blood pressure increases it can also damage brain arteries. When we try to control consuming too much salt can reduce the chances of dementia and stroke.


High quantities of salt may increase the risk of stomach cancer. High sodium also increases the damage to the lining of the stomach caused by infection with some bacteria called helicobacter pylori bacteria is the major cause for stomach cancer.


Osteoporosis is a condition where our bones become weak and easily broken. Some people who eat high sodium foods usually urinate more often because their body tries to dispose of sodium via urine. When we urinate our body loses calcium so urinate too many times our body also loses too much calcium. It weakens bones and exacerbates osteoporosis. So these are the major problems when we eat too much salt. Always remember that this habit may make you sick. Don’t forget to balance the sodium level which is always good for our body. Try to control eating these types’ unhealthy foods which contain too much salt.